Since the company’s formation we at Ohta have used our boundless creativity as the driving force behind our challenger spirit.
With such industry milestones as being the first to locate stores in the suburbs, the first to offer gaming chairs, and the first to hire new graduates, we have continually and repeatedly upended the status quo within the amusement industry, creating new value and making the once unthinkable common.
Never afraid to make mistakes, we always are the first to try new and novel ideas.
With our amusement industry base, this strong sense of purpose has made us an undisputed leading company within Japan’s leisure industry.
Ohta is now ready to expand beyond Japan’s borders and to enter the global marketplace.
Ohta is determined to take on this challenge and to work towards this dream and vision.
In conjunction with our global partners, Ohta will make use of its accumulated creativity and vitality in order to develop new businesses.
Our goal is to become a global company. We will again challenge the status quo, and build a new future.

1. Added Value that Always Considers Customer Satisfaction
Companies exist in order to, as a business, produce a profit via improving people’s lives and contributing to society. Thinking of how to provide added value that increases customer satisfaction and thus develop new services that produce more value is something that we have always, and will always do.
2. Creating New Businesses
While it is important to continually add value to and develop our amusement industry assets, we must also seek to develop new business areas to act as pillars of support. We must expand our business field from a global perspective and develop new businesses that provide concrete results.
3. Developing World-Class Businesses
New businesses need both speed and scale. There are untold business opportunities waiting on the world field. Expanding beyond Japan’s borders, it is now time to challenge the global status quo and fearlessly develop new large-scale businesses.
4. Relationships with our Global Partner
There are no national borders when one truly values relationships. Using our existing organization as a base, we will create strong bonds, search for new business opportunities, and work as one with new global partners
Always valuing our relationships, we will bring new value to the world. Ohta, the consistent leader in the Japanese leisure industry, will use its accumulated wealth of experience, its exceptional workforce, and its unmatched creativity in order to challenge the status quo and create new businesses. Ohta will never follow the well-beaten path just because it is there. We will break into the global field, never ceasing to take on new challenges and never ceasing to evolve. Through this we will contribute to the happiness of people all over the world, and act as a true global company with unlimited growth potential.Ohta’s Dreams: Towards a New Future