Ohta Group oversees a total of 42 pachinko locations in the Tohoku, Kanto, Tokai, and Okinawa regions.

Core Philosophy

With the motto of “Relaxing Spaces and Fun Times,” and always with a smile and an eye to service, give our customers energy for tomorrow through their enjoyment of the game of pachinko.

3 Business Philosophies

  • The Customer Comes First

    Provide customer service and hospitality which meets the customer’s needs. Always maintain a clean, welcoming, and safe environment in which to enjoy gaming. Always put the customer first.

  • Stay Closely Connected to the Community

    Strive to provide a space for the community and to act as a source for local information.

  • Work Together with the Local Community

    Work together with the local community by striving to participate in and support local events and festivals.